Rainwater Collection

Big Drippa

This watering system offers the benefits of drip watering without the need for mains water supply. It features a 10.5litre water reservoir bag, 5 metres of irrigation tube and 6 adjustable drippers. The system can be fitted to the greenhouse glazing bars.

If you recycle rainwater from your gutter into a barrel, you can use this water to fill your drippa bag.

Rain Gauge

The rain gauge is a very simple and easy to use device for measuring rainfall. The rain gauge features both metric and imperial scales and the measurement reflects the depth of rain that has fallen over the circumference of the top of the gauge. A great idea for keen gardeners or getting the little ones involved in gardening projects.

Water Barrels

Elite offer a range of ridged moulded plastic barrels up to a capacity of 210litres (46 gallons) to complement the rainwater kits. The barrel ensures the collection of rainwater is a simple task, and when raised on bricks or fitted to the low cost stand, allows for simple access to the incorporated tap.

100 Liter Water Barrel
100 Liter Water Barrel
This slimline water barrel is ideal if space is limited.

Bespoke Rainwater Collection

Any fittings and attachments can be purchased in order for you to tailor a system specific for your requirements. Standard draining pipes are available in 1m or 3m lengths.

Swivel Bend
Knuckle Bend
Obtuse Bend
Clip & Fitting
Stop End
Straight Connector
Swept Tree

Rainwater Kit to One Gutter

To eradicate the need for more than one barrel or outlet, a traverse pipe is placed along the rear of the greenhouse terminating into a T junction which connects both gutters to one outlet. This in turn allows the water to be carried from both gutters into a single point such as a barrel or grid. This kit can only be fitted at the rear of the greenhouse. When ordering please state the greenhouse width.

Water Barrels are sold separately.

Rainwater Kits

Compatible with Elite’s unique half round integral gutter only.


Each kit comprises of pipe work and outlets for one end of each gutter and stoppers to terminate the opposite ends. The system works by collecting the rainwater into a barrel or other designated outlet. Water barrels are sold separately.


Similar in principal to the standard rainwater kit supplied for the greenhouse range, this only has one collection point and one stop end as the lean-to range only offers one gutter in its framework.

Water barrels are sold separately.

Standard Features

Double lock

Double Lock