Work Benches

Fine Mesh Sieve

A deep plastic sieve featuring integral tough steel diamond mesh which is ideal for sifting compost to give the perfect base for successful seed. Mesh holes are 9mm wide by 5mm high and is made from recycled polypropylene and galvanised steel.

Length: 14”
Width: 12”
Height: 4 3/4”

Growbag Tray

The Growbag Tray takes a full size grow bag or can be used to hold 4 standard seed trays making it extremely universal for all growing needs.

The tray is watertight and so can help prevent the inevitable dirty water from staining your greenhouse floor or benching, whilst at the same time, holding water to help prevent your plants drying out during long hot days.

Length: 39 1/2”
Width: 15 1/2”
Height: 2”

Potting Tidy

At 24” long and 22” deep, the potting tidy is a hard-wearing, sturdy and washable work tool with many uses. Made from durable plastic, finished in green or black, it provides an excellent working area, ideal for messy jobs, and with its 8.5” high back and perimeter lip, it keeps its contents in place.

Can be used in conjunction with most staging.

All Slatted Bench

Made from high quality aluminium, the All Slatted Bench offers hard-wearing performance and flexibility making it an ideal choice for any greenhouse. Available in one size only, this two tiered platform allows you to control the slat widths, therefore tailoring it for any requirement, thus becoming very useful during the winter months when plants need more ventilation and less water.

Length: 3’11” (47”)
Width: 1’8 1/2”(20 1/2”)
Height: 2’10” (34”)


Work Station

A great all round working companion which combines double tier staging and two high level shelves in one unit.

Length: 3’11” (35”)
Width: 1’10” (22”)
Height – Front: 2’8” (32”)
Height – Back: 4’2” (50”)


Potting Bench

The Potting Bench’s working height is ideal for any concentrated task, such as the potting or transportation of fledging plants, making what was previously an arduous, back breaking task, effortless. The 2” front lip prevents spillage and the working area comes complete with a 4” diameter hole allowing access for any wastage to be collected in the hopper below, which is large enough to store an ample supply of compost and additional pots.

Length: 1’11” (23”)
Width: 1’8” (20”)
Height – Front: 2’11 1/2”(35 1/2”)
Height – Back: 3’8” (44”)


Standard Features

Double lock

Double Lock