Propagators & Seed Frames

Seed Tray Frame

These high quality, lightweight, aluminium frames are maintenance free, space saving and easily moveable and come complete with seed trays. Available in two sizes, 3 and 5 tiers, with each tier accommodating a tool for over-wintering tender garden plants, germination and growing-on seedlings, prior to planting out.

3 Tier 5 Tier
Width 1’2” (14”) 1’2” (14”)
Length 2’6” (30”) 2’6” (30”)
Height 2’8” (32”) 4’2” (50”)

Mini High Dome Propagator

These high dome unheated propagators have quality plastic seed trays and clear covers with an adjustable dial vent to control the temperature and humidity. The seed trays feature 2 tier cell drainage holes and are sold in packs of 3.

Length: 6 1/2”     Width: 3 3/4”     Height: 4 3/4”

24 Cell Self Watering Seed Success Kit

The growing trays are supported above an internal reservoir on a raised platform which, in turn, are covered in capillary matting. Plants draw the water naturally from this matting as required and it can be reused year after year.

Length: 15”
Width: 9”
Height: 6”

Standard Features

Double lock

Double Lock