Glazing Material

Brush draught excluders (including plastic case)

It allows a smoother movement of the door and isn’t dependant on extremes of weather.  Available in one length - 1865mm, so it can cut down to length for the small height doors.  

Pack size: 1

Muntin & Roof Glass Spacer

These PVC strips allow one pane of glass to sit on top of another without an overlap. Particularly suitable for use with full sheet toughened glass. Available in Green, Black, White and Graphite.

Length: 2’

Draught Excluder

A black offset T section which slides into the back of the door to fill any space between the door and frame which can also double up as a door stop.

Length: 6’

Silicone Sealant

Available in black, white or clear and ideal for emergency repairs, the sealant can be applied to wet and dry surfaces and bonds to aluminium, metal, steel, most plastics, timber, tile and brick, lasts up to 25 years and requires a dispenser, which can be bought separately.


The Neoprene is a cushion beading which has greater resistance to wind. This glazing gasket is PVC based and has a life span in excess of 15 years. Available in black or grey, it must be pre-threaded into the glazing bars prior to assembly.

This is specifically designed to fit all Elite Greenhouses and cannot be guaranteed on any other make. Available in 50’ or 100’ coils.

Mastic Bead

A butyl mastic beading strip (grey) forms a gasket between the glass and the frame of the greenhouse. This 6mm thick pliable beading can be effectively used to replace other perished rubber gaskets and is hard-wearing, very versatile and suitable for most makers of greenhouses.

Available in 20’. 150’ and 200’ coils.

Standard Features

Double lock

Double Lock