5' Wide Greenhouses

Unlimited Lengths from 4’5”

The Streamline has been a family favourite for over 20 years.  It offers loads of room for practical things like shelves and staging therefore a 5' wide model no longer needs to be seen as a small greenhouseIf.

If your looking for a taller greenhouse, take a look at the Delta.  The Delta is still 5'3" wide but provides a 6' eaves height giving additional growing space.

Unlimited Lengths from 4’5”

The Delta provides 6' eaves height giving additonal growing space which is ideal for taller plants.  It pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved from a 5’3” greenhouse. With much more room, taller and bigger produce and accessories can easily be housed.  

Our cantilever braces, again fitted as standard, offer extra strength making it an ideal choice for an environment exposed to the elements.

Standard Features

Double lock

Double Lock