Gardeners know that once your hobby grows you want to move onto bigger things.

“I just haven’t got enough room for all my plants”

“I wish I’d purchased a bigger greenhouse”

“I can’t afford to purchase a new, bigger greenhouse”

These are just a few of the comments we hear from customers who have been taken by the bug. In over 60 years of manufacturing our greenhouses, the answer to these questions has always been the same. Yes, we can make your greenhouse bigger!

All our greenhouses are made to the customers’ specific length at the time of manufacture as we do not, unlike other manufacturers, make greenhouses in sections or with add ons. Each greenhouse can be made to unlimited lengths.

For you, the customer, to sell your current Elite and have to go and buy a new, bigger one not only sounds expensive but also unfair. Having made the initial investment and commitment to our products, like your produce, your greenhouse should be able to grow with you. With an Elite greenhouse then answer is that it can!!!


Unlimited Lengths from 4’5”

A drop door modification is applied when the overall height of any Elite building needs to be increased.

It involves a brick wall being built by the customer to their desired height before a standard dimensional building is then constructed on top. A threshold is left in the wall for the door(s) to be dropped into and the cambered drop door then provides a neat and professional finish with the all important easy access.

As an optional extra, the doors can also be dropped on the larger greenhouse models (Supreme and Classique) and Lean-To’s providing a ground level threshold for easy access.


As the manufacturer we feel that our range of products, sizes and specifications, which is the broadest range in the UK, covers pretty much every eventuality in a customer’s choice and requirements. However, if you feel you have a specific need please get in touch and see if we can meet your special requirements.

  • Available on all Elite Greenhouses and Lean-Tos (excluding iGro)
  • Extremely strong and virtually unbreakable on impact
  • Lawnmower / Strimmer friendly
  • Impact from a ball or stones will simply bounce off
  • Replaces part of the side glass – 585mm tall
  • Hides unsightly grow bags and tools
  • Attractive appearance and will be powder coated to suit your greenhouse and garden environment
  • Choose bar capping as an optional extra to finish

Powder Coated

  • Green Coated Icon Green
  • Black Coated Icon Black
  • Graphite Coated Icon Graphite
  • Brown Coated Icon Brown
  • terracotta Coated Icon Terracotta
  • White Coated Icon White
  • Olive Coated Icon Olive
  • Stone Coated Icon Stone
  • Berry Coated Icon Berry

Standard Features

Double lock

Double Lock